About Us

Five Lanes

Hard work and a passionate attention to detail is the cornerstone of Five Lanes. We radiate a bold, elegant, edgy street style that captures the essence of what it means to wonder the laneways of the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne. Our vision is one based on high standards of quality, customer service and building long lasting relationships with our current and future clients.

From Our Experience to Yours

We are Melbourne based as Five Lanes Pty Ltd. ABN: 65 62 1931 833

  • All our stock is warehoused locally, to ensure delivery to our customers in a timely manner.
  • If an item of your choice is sold out, do not worry. Simply contact us at care@fivelanes.com.au. We are always happy to assist you.
  • We deal with premium quality leather products including leather (jackets, bags and shoes). With time, we will continue to expand our range and enhance our customer experience.
  • We provide superior quality products at amazing prices; possible because we outright own our Manufacturing Facility.
  • Our Manufacturing Facility follows BSCI requirements. 
  • We have around 375 talented employees who will give you a high quality finished product.
  • With over 25 years in business our manufacturing facility has developed long and lasting relationships with their customers by delivering a high quality service. This is achieved through high standards of quality control in all stages of process which when dealing with leather is of paramount importance.
  • Timely deliveries and providing full service to our trading partners is also driven by our very high standards
  • We stringently follow a sustainable and ethical approach to business as part of our values. Raw leather is sourced from farms purely used for meat industry.



    Our mission is to create an enterprise that produces quality products for all its customers. We value our customers and will go an extra mile to meet their expectations.

    Creating a flexible, respectful and relaxed working environment to ensure our employees showcase their talents in the best possible way.

    We will ensure that we are an ethical company that makes a positive contribution to the community we live in.



    Our Vision is to become a world-renowned brand that makes a difference by providing quality products and services for our clientele.

    We have the Passion to Perform. Our Products are our Passion.



    Corporate Social Responsibility remains our top core value while we aim for:

    • Integrity,
    • Accountability,
    • Respect for employees and customers,
    • Promoting Partnership,
    • First Class Innovation
    • Valuing diversity of cultures,
    • Creating simplistic approaches in business,
    • Protecting the environment,
    • Building long lasting relationships with all stakeholders.